I know, I know... You want a third-person bio.


Brendan McCay is an actor and writer hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. When He is not acting in commercials or film, he is performing comedy all over Los Angeles! Brendan is a graduate of the UCB training center, Second City Conservatory, and iO West. He has written and performed at iO West on the sketch teams “Raffle” and “McBain.” Brendan has also performed in several premium musicals at Second City Hollywood including “Armagayddon,” “Candidate Confessions,” and “In Trump We Trust” where he also performs monthly with his House Sketch Ensemble "Mrs. Spinster.

Brendan McCay

Was Published 

I had three monologues published in Alisha Gaddis' compilation, Teen Boys' Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny.

Musical improv!

I have the honor of performing Musical Improv comedy with "The Sound of Musical" three times a month at three different theaters: iO West, Second City Hollywood, and The Pack! 

Wrote/Directed/Starred in A MUSICAL 

Had the JOY of co-creating Deflategate: The Musical!with fellow comedian Colin Contreary! Performed at Second City Hollywood and UCB.

What a (semi) self-Aware human being!

Some cool things I did/DO: